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HOME OF “Chef-Inspired ” BURGERS!

And we’re also the home of expertise when it comes to providing incredibly tasty burgers & other delicious meals & snacks.

That’s WHY we’re called “THE INSTITUTE” – our chefs are “top of their game” & that’s why aspiring “burger culinary artists”
come here to learn from “The Masters!!”

When you crave “the best burgers on the planet”, there’s only ONE place to come to – the BURGER INSTITUTE!

When You Want A Meal Crafted By Experts

The Only Choice Is The INSTITUTE!


All burgers are not the same! At Burger Institute we use only fresh quality and locally sourced ingredients. Burger Institute understands a burger isn’t just about putting products on a bun, or creating that monster heart attack burger to create a gimmicky challenge! It is all about texture, taste, crunch and flavour combinations to get the desired end product and very tasty burgers that make you want to come back and try them all! Engage all of your senses!

We make our own sauces and dressings in house, our ingredients are fresh, we roll our own patties (no fillers – 100% MSA Grain Fed Angus Beef), have Brioche, Gluten Free and Low Carb buns designed & hand rolled just for us, we slow cook meats (pork shoulder & beef brisket) in house for 12 hours.


Burger Institute have formed a partnership with Shlix Icecream & Sorbets to create our Shakes. Tried them? Once you do, nothing else will compare! A proud local Brisbane made supplier that uses no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives!! They’re also all gluten free, egg free and gelatine free! Their sorbets are dairy and fat free!

Big on flavour and low on fat!


Not everyone out there loves burgers as much as we do, so our Chef’s have created two beautiful salads which are made fresh to order – the Caesar Pleaser & For Goodness Steak.

We also have an amazing Calamari Platter & Haloumi Platter to mix it up!

Order Online & Save Time with Burger Institute

Order Online & Save Time with Burger Institute

The 6 Biggest Benefits

It is important when creating a true “Chef Inspired Burger Creation” to ensure you select your local suppliers and quality ingredients carefully. We have taken our time to ensure our key ingredients achieve the flavours and textures of a great tasting burger, time and time again.

Made in House

Our Chefs make the sauces and dressings in house to ensure a consistent product is achieved, as well as avoiding any use of unnecessary additives. All of our meat patties are rolled in house with no preservatives or additives at all – nothing but pure meat!

Fresh & Tasty

We have daily deliveries of ingredients to ensure they are fresh as can be! Every time you place an order it is made fresh for you.

NO added Preservatives, NO Added Sugar, NO Colours or Artificial Flavours!

These important factors ensure you receive the best product every time you come to Burger Institute.

Fast Service

Restaurant Quality Product

Even though we make our burgers fresh to order, there generally is a minimal time waiting. We are fully licensed so you can have a nice cool drink or a coffee while you wait. It’s good to have options!

Fully licensed, can cater for large FUNCTIONS with a range of Boutique Craft & Mainstream Beers, Wine, Spirits, Coffee/Tea, Hanks Root Beer, Shakes and Dessert options!


Brioche, GF or Low Carb

Our Brioche Bun comes standard and has been designed for Burger Institute with ~50% less sugar than a traditional brioche!

Our Gluten Free Buns are preservative free and made with high quality flour sourced from the hills of Ballarat, Victoria.

All of our 22 burgers can ALL be made gluten free! Designed that way by our Head Chef! Simply choose a Gluten Free Bun and be sure to ask one of our experienced Burgerologist team members for any queries or clarification.

Our Low Carb – High Protein & High Fibre Buns have been specifically designed exclusively for Burger Institute!

Angus Beef

We use high quality grain fed MSA beef, that is the product of an integrated feeding program from John Dee’s Yarranbrook Feedlot, located on the Southern Darling Downs.

The cattle enjoy a clean and stress free environment. Angus cattle are fed a diet of quality flaked grain with locally produced feedstuffs to achieve a high grade product.

Vegetarian Options

We have one tasty option on the menu called “Mighty Aphrodite” that includes Haloumi Cheese, House made Tzatziki, Tomato, Spanish Onion and Iceberg.

However, we have such a wide variety of burgers and flavours on the menu, that you can easily remove the protein and add haloumi, therefore creating any variety of Vegetarian options! Get creative!

Enter the draw to Win a FREE Burger for YOU and a mate each week for April, May and June 2018.

Conditions Apply: The prize is a standard menu burger for 2 people each week for April, May and June 2018. Any extras, side etc have to paid for.

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